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If you desire to start making irresistible presentations and pitches  – for client meetings, business reports or even pitch decks – this page is for you.
See, when it comes to presentation skills, I’m quite sure you’ve heard enough about “tell stories”, “show your passion” and “be natural” tips for one lifetime.
That’s not helping you.
That’s just noise.
And you don’t need more of it.
What you need is well-researched, actionable content that helps you get shit one.
So if you crave for practical, simple tips and examples that actually work in the real world, this blog is for you.
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Now, back to this page…
There’s a lot of content here – infographics, in-deep strategies and techniques, free templates. And you don’t have the time to read it all at once. That’s why I’ve put together this page to help you get started.
The way it works is simple. You pick a section that matches your goals, and then you chose from each “menu” options:

Make Better Presentations

If you’re looking to develop high impact presentation skills, you’ll love what I’ve got for you below. These are my best strategies, tips and hacks to build stronger presentations, fast.
Check it out:
Dramatically improve your presentation skills . These are 50 field-tested ways to build effective presentations fast (#3 is the most important thing you could learn…). It’s a giant guide but you don’t need to read it entirely, as the infographic itselfs covers a lot.
Presentation tips: +100 actionable techniques . More thorough than the previous one. Still comes with a big infographic, little-known tips and useful Keyboard shortcuts (for PowerPoint & Keynote)
How to make a creative presentation.These are 40 simple design techniques you can infuse in your presentations to they look more modern and impactful.

Persuade Others, Sell More

If you want to get people to do what you want them to do (shall you read that again?), then you need to understand the most essential psychology and copywriting principles.
In the section below, you’ll find my best articles to help you “sell” more.
Your ideas…
Your services…
…and even yourself
The anatomy of a perfect sales page. These are the 11 psychology switches need to be turned on for a high converting sales page that gets your readers to scroll down, read and ultimately buy from you.
The anatomy of a perfect sales presentation. If you’re tired of unsuccessful sales pitches, then follow these simple steps and learn how to make hard-hitting sales presentations that close deals.
Write a sales email that gets answered. So your sales email was ignored again? Give me 10 minutes and you’ll learn the secrets to turn you emails into weapons of mass persuasion that get replied to.
Write an advertisement. This 5-step process shows you how to write a good advertisement from scratch, even if you’re just starting out.
Super-charge your ad copy. Stuck with your sales copy? Infuse some of these +190  street-tested words and phrases to land more sales by this time tomorrow.
Pitch your idea to anyone. 21 science-backed persuasion techniques to convince.

Get Presentation Templates

 Presentation templates help you clearly and concisely present information. Use them to craft modern, professional presentations that…
Get your point across
…and make you look amazing in front of your audience.
Click here to take a look at PPTPOP’s best templates (You can also grab your ultimate PowerPoint bundle. Click here to get access to 50+ gorgeous, editable slides, free).
Click here to look at the best premium templates available of the market. If you want to make designer-looking slides for your next presentation at breakneck speed, then pre-built, editable templates can help you get there.

Build a Stronger Business

Equip yourself with some solid strategies to upgrade your business:

PPTPOP’s Best Resources

Successful people do one thing very well:
They invest in themselves.
And because it’s hard, requires time and commitment, they get incredible results most people will never get.
When you want to learn something new and get out of your comfort zone, you have two choices:
1) Learn how to do it yourself
2) Hire the best experts to show you the way (read books, attend conferences, meetups or take trainings and online courses)
The problem is…
There are a lot of options out there and that’s not always a good thing.
How are we supposed to know what’s good for us?
A while back, I created a solid guide of the best presentation training courses available online. These courses will help you improve your presentation skills, and most importantly, get the results you’re after.
10 Best Presentation Courses. My favorite and most helpful online presentation courses from around the web all in one place (so you can influence, sell and make an amazing impression).