First things first.

Warm welcome to PPTPOP, new friend.

This isn’t your typical super boring, testimonial-infused about page. In fact, you’ll only learn three things while scrolling down:

  • What PPTPOP is and what it does for you (so you can assess whether you’re in the right place or not).
  • Who is Clémence Lepers, the magic brain behind PPTPOP (so you can get to know me better).
  • How to get in touch if you’d like.



The site.

PPTPOP in a nutshell.

PPTPOP is the place where smart business professionals turn to get practical, real-world strategies and templates that make their presentations sell.

If you’re looking to game up your presentations and get advice that work in the real world, you might want to check out this page where I list in a clear and organized way the different resources you can find on this site.

The magic brain.

Clemence Lepers.

So you’d like to know a bit more?

That’s fantastic.

My name is Clemence and I’m the Chief of Stuff here at PPTPOP.

Chief of Surf

I was born in France, lived 8 years in China (yes, I speak mandarin, along with 5 other languages and I’m very humble as you’ve just noticed). I’m now based in San Francisco.

I’ve created this site because I was sick of viewing unbearably crappy presentations, both at work and outside the office.

So I decided to package up my advice here to help startups and CEOs alike get their message across, impress, and ultimately get more of what they want.

From a personal standpoint, here are a couple of things I really really like:

🐋 Water sports (scuba diving and surf mostly)
🦀 Lobster rolls
🌮 Corn tortilla tacos (Yes, it needs to be corn. Have you ever seen a taco emoji made with flour tortilla seriously?)
🐗 Iberian Ham

(I like to eat. I’m French, what did you expect)

☄ Improv comedy
⛳ Learning new things
🤓 Becoming a better version of myself every day

I could go on and on until tomorrow tonight but your attention span will very likely tell you to close that window, and since I said “a couple of things” we’ll keep that list short for today, alright?

Ways to get in touch.

It's very simple.

If you’d like to connect, I have four delicious options on the menu for you to choose from:

📣 Subscribe to PPTPOP’s newsletter (No welcome email, no automated sequences designed to sell you stuff you don’t need. I write infrequently. Unsubscribe when you want. You know the drill).

Connect on Linkedin (Please introduce yourself when sending out a request)

📩 Drop me an email:

(Don’t do all four at the same time. That’s creepy. No, I’m joking. Or maybe not.)

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