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The Best Free Medical PowerPoint Template (2023)

By March 14, 2023March 29th, 2023No Comments

Medical Presentation TemplateThis is the best free medical PowerPoint template on the Planet Internet 🤟

Recommend for for doctors, medical students and all healthcare professionals who are looking to present information in a clear and aesthetic way.

This template is 100% customizable and works for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

Let’s dive in…

The Ultimate Medical PowerPoint Template

Here’s a sneak peak of your presentation template:

Medical Template Preview

Now, let’s take a quick look at what you can do with this bundle.

Fully Editable Slides

All the graphic elements on the slides are made out of individual shapes grouped together:

Editable Shape Example

That means you can easily modify the colors, sizes, or even delete entire parts of these elements.

Let’s take a look at a concrete example.

Here’s a medical team slide:

Medical Team Slide

It has 4 shapes where you can insert visuals.

But maybe you don’t need 4 shapes.

Maybe you need 5. Or 3.

Because all the elements on the slides are made out of individual shapes grouped together, we can easily edit these elements.

Let’s a look at a simple tutorial where i turn that 4-shapes graphic into a 3-shape graphic:

Side note: I made this with Keynote. The same process applies with PowerPoint (right click on the element -> ungroup).

Let’s take a look one last example:

How to Download This Free Medical Template

Download the PowerPoint
Download the Keynote
Access the Google Slides (make a copy to edit)