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Here’s A Free, Professional PowerPoint Template

We’re here today chicos and chicas to learn something super simple: how to design professional PowerPoint slides that get your message across. In just a few minutes.

This post is for:
– People who want to know how to organize the info on their slides
– Those who need professional presentation themes for their business presentations
– You, because you know Microsoft’s lame templates just make you look like a stupid robot
Before jumping head first into how to craft professional looking PowerPoint slides, I want to get started with two super important principles:

1) Don’t use built-in templates

Yeah, you’re not the only one to do presentations, and Microsoft PowerPoint templates have been around for a while.  Too long if you ask me but shhhh….
Do yourself a favor, don’t use built-in templates any more.
First, they’re incredibly boring.
Second, they’re just overused.
Third, using them makes you look like a lazy ass.

powerpoint slide backgrounds

2) Don’t use pre-set PowerPoint text boxes

ppt design

If you want to add text on your slide, create your own text boxes (insert > text box)….instead of using PowerPoint pre-set text boxes.
You’ll have the freedom to integrate them wherever on your PPT slide and chose the text size you want (text size won’t adjust automatically, so you’ll have more control).
That’s getting one step closer to designing professional PowerPoint layouts that work for you.
Now, let’s move on to the meat of this post.


Craft your own professional PowerPoint templates

I’ve been using the same template over years.
Sometimes, I make some tiny tweaks to modify the lay-out and colors.
But the rest is basically the same.
I use this template for sales decks and whatever I need to present.
And guess what, it saves me a huge amount of time.
The template I am using is simple, professional and easy to customize
Whether you’re in marketing, sales, engineering or private equity, this template will help you to design a professional PowerPoint presentation FAST.
First things first, let’s check out how this all works step by step.
How it looks like:
powerpoint template professional
Not bad, uh?

The Top

Three items appear on the top of this slide.
First, the slide title (top left side, Professional Template) .
Second, the logo (top right side), it’s not an obligation to include the logo on each single slide of your PPT presentation. If your logo is very colorful or complex (harder to match with0, just put it on your cover slide.
Third, the core message of the slide, introduced by an arrow (it’s more catchy). This core message is a summary of my slide. It just tells what the whole slide is about and focus on the “so what?”:
“Yeah, I red your slide. But, so what?”

The Middle

Two items: the core text and the graph.
For the core text: please, don’t put EVERYTHING in there, summarize.
Eating up every inch of space won’t make your slide look good and you look smarter…. even if you try hard.
To summarize, you have to prioritize (check out this post to learn exactly how to do just that).
On this PPT template, I’ve assumed there’s a chart/graphic to include.

The Bottom

Three items.
First, a table.
Second, a picture.
Third, my structure.
This PPT slide shows the structure of my whole PPT presentation. It’s important for your audience to visualize where they’re at. Blue marks the current slide, grey is for the previous or upcoming slides.
In all my presentations, I use about 1/7 of slides height to recall my PPT structure. I also add a bottom bar with three colors. Blue and pink are the same colors I use in my slide content for important figures and keywords. Remember, three colors.
professional powerpoint presentation
I’ve added these pink line shapes to show you that every single of text , photo or data has a dedicated space and is well aligned with the others.
The result is clear and  consistent.
Using these shapes while working on a PowerPoint slide is a good way to ensure perfect alignment.  
Here below are two extra examples of how to “activate” the template for your PowerPoint presentation:
Professional PowerPoint Templates

Professional PowerPoint Templates

Things to remember

1. Alignment: Use a strong left alignment for the text. It increases readability.
2. Asymmetry: avoid big blank spaces or pictures in the middle of slides. It’s boring.
3. Consistency: remember our first article? Stick to PPT design basics: unified fonts, three-color based scheme. See below slide, black, blue and pink. Consistent. Use contrast. Black text, white background.
4. High quality images: use images that make people feel something. Impress, seduce. And don’t use low-quality pixel photography, it looks cheap and unprofessional
5. Keep it simple: some people will say, but, my PPT is too technical, I can’t delete half of the content in here! You don’t have to, regroup ideas to group of bigger ideas they belong two. Batch by categories. Be concise, don’t write long sentences you’ll have difficulty (and your audience too) to read.
If you wanna learn how to highjack your presentation skills, make sure to read this post.
It’s my exact system to building ass-kicking presentations that sell. 5 years  of work inside a value-packed piece of content that teaches you things other will never know.

♥ Download it !

Professional PowerPoint Templates
Get your free, editable Professional PowerPoint template here (click right, save as).

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