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13 Sites for Free Business Presentation Images (2023)

By March 15, 2023March 31st, 2023No Comments
business images for presentationsAre you looking for beautiful images for your business presentations?
Then, look no further.
In today’s post, I am listing my top resources for gorgeous business presentation images so you too can design creative slideslook more professional and stand out in front of your audience.
A quick (but important) note about copyright.
Make sure to check out the terms and conditions regarding copyright on the web pages you get your images from. Usually, you’ll have to add a link, or an owner attribution at the bottom of the image you’ll use.
Do it.
With that said, let’s dive right in.

Business presentation images: 12 awesome resources to help you build beautiful slide decks

1. Gratisography

Great choice if you want… crisp, fun, humorous visuals.
business presentation images

2. Death To The Stock Photo

Great choice if you want… nature-related, inspiring visuals.


3. Startup Stock Photos

Great  choice if you want… natural-looking pics (no cheesy, stock photo that look fake as $20 Gucci bags).


4. Unsplash

Great choice if you want… breathtaking, nature related visuals.
Landscapes, rivers, mountains, they’re all here.
beautiful free image resources

5. StockSnap

Great choice if you want… then again: nature related visuals. They’re awesome.

business images

6. Pic Jumbo

Great choice if you want… pictures of landscapes, food shots, fashion, business, and much more.

natural images

7. Super Famous

Great choice if you want… nature related pictures.

8. Foodies Feed

Great choice if you want… food-related pictures.
food images

9. Free Food Photo

Oh…. here’s another one 🙂

food photo

10. Life Of Pix

Great choice if you want… a lot of different styles of photo.

free pictures

11. Pixabay

Great choice if you want…  gorgeous nature related visuals.

beautiful free photography

12. IM Creator

Great choice if you want… a variety of free to use photography related to business, people, tech, objects, health, sports or topics.

free images for your decks


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