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Here’s A Beautiful, Editable World Map for PowerPoint [Free]

world map for powerpointAre you looking for a beautiful, editable word maps for your PowerPoint presentations?
You know, the ones that will help you get that point across, convey professionalism and impress your audience.
Then, look no further.
In today’s post, I am throwing away a gorgeous PowerPoint map that you can use to build creative presentationslook more professional in front of your audience and get your message across.

Let's take a quick look at what you can do with this editable world map for PowerPoint.

# Delete/Select countries

Let’s say you just want an editable US map.
Then you’ll have to delete the “rest of world”.
us editable map
To do so, click on the whole world map, right click > group > ungroup.
What you’ve done is separate all the countries in individual blocks.

Now, you're able to delete/select entire areas instead of having to click individually on each country (which would have taken a close-to-insane amount of time).
You can also select one country and dice enlarge it.
Say you want an editable India map.
Click the India country map to select it.
Then copy it (ctrl + c), and paste it (ctrl +v) in on a new slide.
You're done !

# Customize your PowerPoint maps

These editable maps offer you the option to change the country colors and border styles.
You could use that option to customize your whole map (and turn it from grey to pink for instance), or color some countries you’ve chosen.
For instance, the countries your company is doing business in:
editable powerpoint templates
To change the country colors (right click on the country > format shape > fill > solid fill). To change the country border colors (right click on the country > format shape > line color)
Here are a few actionable tips you can use to enhance your slides and to get your message across more easily:
- Color the countries you’re in
It will create contrast and help your audience to instantly visualize in which areas you are present (and in which you’re not). I recommend this option if you use the whole world map.
- Add numbers on the countries
If you wish to highlight details about specific countries, like business figures, add numbers on them. Then, add a list on your slide size with the numbers and countries it refers to.
This is especially useful if you’re doing business in many different countries.
Here are two specific examples:
powerpoint map of usa
free editable powerpoint graphics
To make sure your listed countries are well aligned, do as below:

presentation designs

Here are a few additional map pins you can use (they're basically a stylish alternative to numbers):


I recommend map pins to be used to specify locations.
For instance, cities you’re present in one country, where your headquarters is located, etc.
Map pins are cool but use them with caution.
30 map pins overpopulating a single PowerPoint slide won’t look nice, trust me.
Map pins are included within the presentation template.
Get your world map here:

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