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How To Design Presentation Slides That Look Amazing

Presentation SlidesDid you know that 70% of employees Americans who give presentations say presentation skills are critical to their success at work?
That’s HUGE.
Today I’m going to share with you 3 stupidly simple rules I follow to make great presentation slides fast.
But first, I want to share with you the two main reasons why having good presentations skills is important.

Reason 1: Poor presentation skills have hidden costs

Good presentations can be the difference between getting a client, a yes, a raise…
or just nothing at all.

Here’s an example:
I landed a job at a giant Fortune 500 company… with a PPT.
The guys that interviewed me asked me to prepare – for the next round of interview – what would be my strategy for the upcoming years if I joined the company.
I worked day and night to craft a solid presentation that literally blew their mind away.
And got hired.
If my presentation would have sucked…
If I wouldn’t have been convincing…
I simply wouldn’t have got the job.
So yeah, presentations skills are critical to your success.

Reason 2: If your presentation skills are missing the mark, nobody will tell you

Imagine you’re about to go on a date. You don’t know it, but there’s a piece of salad stuck in your teeth, and even though everyone sees it, nobody tells you about it!
The same thing happens with your presentations.
If you suck at presenting, put people to sleep, bore your clients or lose business because of it, no one will tell you !

With that being said, here’s a quick PowerPoint tutorial video that’ll help you design great presentation slides faster.
The content of this video tutorial is based on this post, where I share 26 presentation design tips and ideas.

You’re about to learn how to implement 3 amazingly simple rules that will change your presentations.
Here are your to-dos:
1)      Watch the video
2)      Commit to applying these 3 rules every single time you’re making a presentation
3)      Check the related presentation here and discover a bonus rule to help you making great presentation slides fast!


Thanks for watching!


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