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Want Rock-Solid Business Presentations? Follow These 4 Steps…

business presentationsI’ve got a quick question for you…
Have you ever felt stuck with sloppy business presentations that failed to convey your message (and impress your audience)?
I know I have.
When it comes to building professional business decks, most people get stuck with lousy messages that put their audiences to sleep.
And here’s the brutal truth:
First, the vast majority people believe they should put all the information in their presentation.
Second, presentation “experts” are not helping: most of them tell you what to do, but never show you how to do it (I don’t know about you, but hearing all these gurus urging me to “use images, not words”, “make simple slides”, or “speak naturally” makes me wanna throw them all in a shark tank).

If you’re looking for some practical strategies that you can apply to your business presentations TODAY, instead of never, then you’ll love this infographic. 
I guarantee you’ll walk away knowing how to build solid presentations that convey a solid message — step-by-step — when we’re done.
Sounds good?
Then let’s get started.

Business Presentations: The 4-Step Formula That Works

business presentations
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Here’s my take on the business presentation tips and insights from the infographic:

1. Reverse Engineer Your Business Presentation Purpose To Become 2x More Compelling

Bold promise?
But stay with me, I’ll explain:
If you want to build crystal-clear presentations, you should start by 1) defining the goals you want to achieve and 2) working your way backward to arrive at the steps necessary for success. According to FORBES’ contributor Michel Theriault, you need to include a Goal Early in the Presentation
The 3W Technique
Reverse engineering your presentation goals will help you identify and break down the specific steps you need to take to reach these goals.
Who: Your Audience
Who are you talking to?
What: Your Message
What do you want to tell them?
Why: Your Goals
Why do you need to tell them what you wanna tell them?


1dcebbbWhy are you making this presentation?

Why you are there to speak?
What do you hope to achieve?

Michelle Stansbury, founder at Little Penguin Public Relations
Source: 36 Ways to Make a Killer Business Presentation
For each W , write down what comes to your mind.

2. Condense Your Message Into a Crystal-Clear Elevator Pitch Even Your Dumbest Friend Would Understand

Now we’re going to squeeze your presentation purpose into ONE sentence and call this sentence your elevator speech.Your goal is to answer this question:“What’s it about?”
In the Guide to Persuasive Presentations, writer Nancy Duarte emphasizes that this sentence should clearly contain the benefit that the listener will derive from the speech.
Here’s an Elevator Pitch from author Jason Teteak:
Jason-Teteak“I’m gonna show you how to gain a competitive advantage
by delivering an irresistible presentation that gets your audience to do what you want”.
Jason Teteak, founder at Rule The Room
Source: Business Presentation Tips – The Top 8 Business Presentation Skills
Who: busy professionals
What: how to gain an advantage delivering irresistible presentations
Why: because you can get your audience do what you want
Other examples:
Convince company’s executives that we have to optimize our supply chain process.
Persuade prospects that our services are the best fit for them
Help my boss understand and digest the key insights from our Q2 resultsDo you get how it works?
The 3W Message Building Formula

ACTION VERB + (target audience) + (your core message) + (the good reason)

3. Heres How to Break Down Your Message…WITHOUT spending hours

Now you have to break down this message into smaller bits to make it easy for people to GET IT.
Just think of the digestion process:
When you chew your food thoroughly, you begin to mechanically break it down into smaller and smaller particles. It’s the same for your message: the better it’s broken down into small particles, the easier it will be for your audience to digest it.To do that, you take your core message and ask yourself this question:
Core message
What is this presentation about?
What things do I need to show my audience to make it easy for them to trust me?
business presentations

4. How To Optimize Your Business Presentation Slides and Get to The Point

You’ve broken down your message into smaller bits to make it easy for people to GET IT.
Just like passengers in a car, your audience will feel more comfortable if you let them know where you’re headed.There are literally thousands of ways to craft your business presentation slides.
Whether you’re building a business strategy, a report deck or a business pitch presentation, don’t over-complicate it. Your # 1 target IS NOT to make a fancy slide deck that looks beautiful, it’s to get your message across. Period.
To do that, you want to breakdown each body slide into supporting points that are clearly tied with your sub-message. Think of these points as small bits of evidences that have one single objective: support your sub-message (which itself supports your core message).
You can use copywriter Neville Medhora‘s quick cheat-sheet to see if you did it right:

NEVILLE-MEDHORAThe Message Building Cheat-Sheet
Is the message informative?
Will it help the people reading it?
Is this something the person actually cares about?
If it’s a boring subject, is this at least SLIGHTLY entertaining?


Having clear messages that get understood is the back-bone concept of effective business presentations. Optimizing your business presentations isn’t rocket science. By building a core purpose and then breaking it down in supporting points, you can effectively convey a clear message to your audience and make sure you get understood.

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