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The 5 Secret Benefits Of Presentation Skills

importance of presentation skills in business worldYou might be wondering:
“Why should I actually spend time (and energy) to improve my presentation skills?”
“What are the actual benefits of presentation skills?”
I won’t lie to you:
It’s HARD to rock at presenting.
But it’s even HARDER when you’re not sure about why you should actually improve your presentation skills.
In today’s post I am going to show you the 5 hidden benefits behind powerful presentation skills… and how you can easily get started.
Because the truth my friend, is that effective presentation skills can skyrocket your success – a promotion, a new contract, a boost for your business, or even fund raising for your startup.
Let’s dive right in.

1. You have 7 seconds to make a great impression

Yup, people decide whether you’re worth listening to in… 7 seconds.

importance of presentation skills

Lousy presentations put people to sleep, but most importantly, instantly send a message to your audience that you’re not worth listening to.
However, if you’re able to write irresistible content, design gorgeous slides and most importantly give your audience what they want , they’ll instantly position you as an authority.
If you fail at inspiring trust and sympathy, people won’t listen to you. If they don’t, you won’t influence, persuade, educate or basically get your audience to do what you want them to do.

Good presentation skills make you look confident, inspiring, and trustworthy.

2. Good presentation skills help you save time

It’s simple:
If you follow a proven process to build your presentations, you’ll likely get them done faster.
Think about this:
Person A has a rough idea of the content. Starts outlining its slides, editing text, designing slides, going back to change the text, adding new images, re-arranging elements, changing the colors. It takes forever.
Person B follows a 5-step process to build his presentation.
Presentation goal? Check.
Exact, irresistible message to be delivered to his audience? Check.
Detailed outline of the presentation to get his message across AND reach his goal? Check
Break down of the message into concise, crisp copy elements? Check
Design theme and feeling? Check.
Now think:
Who’s more likely to get his presentation finished quickly?
Person B, of course.
That’s why good presentation skills matter. Because they get the work done faster. Faster means you have more time for whatever important item on your to-do-list. Faster means you’re more effective because you get things done in a fraction of the time it takes to your peers.

3. Impactful presentation skills help you to close more deals (here’s why)

Knowing how to present effectively can be the difference between getting a client, or just nothing at all.
Let’s take a look an example:
Let’s pretend your name is Floyd.
You’re trying to pitch your marketing services to Mrs. Igetboredeasily, the proud owner of a tiny coaching business in Miami.
You sit down to introduce your company presentation in these lines:
My name is Floyd and I work for ABC Marketing located in Fort Lauderdale. Our business has been serving people for over 15 years. We’re a premium marketing company made of professional and passionate individuals.

We combine an excellent commitment to service with a comprehensive line of services such as online marketing, copywriting, content marketing, social media, mobile… ACTUALLY….. We have a full line of products that fit your individual needs. We place high priority in customer service and…..
Wondering what happened?
By now Mrs. Igetboredeasily has already stopped to listen to you.
Why would SHE be interested in what you have to say?
Does SHE get anything out of your pitch?
Does SHE benefits from what you told her?
So why would she have to sit here and listen to your boring pitch that just sounds like everyone else around the block. And the same thing would have happened if Mrs. Igetboredeasily would have landed on your website homepage.
“ABC Marketing is a trustworthy professional company with over 15 of experience delivering outstanding, professional consulting services for its clients”.
Mrs. Igetboredeasily now perfectly sees you as a screaming, sleazy used-car salesman.
For her, you are the same as everyone else.
You are invisible.
Mrs. Igetboredeasily doesn’t care about you and your noisy promises.
She cares about HERSELF.
She cares about getting more coaching clients for HER business. She cares about having more time so she can go sip a strawberry martini with HER girlfriends while sticking HER big toes in the warm Miami sand on a Tuesday evening.
You see…
Good presentation skills help you understand what people care about, and align your message with their expectations.
With good presentation skills, our dumb friend Floyd would have focused on providing  Mrs. Igetbored easily with things that help HER get more of what SHE wants (yes, clients).
Hey Mrs. Igetboredeasily,
My name is Floyd, and I’m thrilled to be here with you today. With ABC Marketing., there are two ways we can help you get more business for your coaching services:
1) We can help you optimize SEO so you can attract more leads to your website. On average, we manage to double our clients’ website traffic in 3 months.
2) With our copywriting services, we can help you craft a persuasive sales page that effectively conveys your value proposition, so you can convert more prospects into customers. Typical results are a 50% increase in conversions, in just as little as 2 months.
If you’d like, I can show you how we can help you get more leads and customers. Then you’ll be able to decide if we’re a right fit for you. Sounds good?
So, what did we do here?
We gave Mrs. Igetboredeasily awesome information that benefits HER.
We tied our services to tangible, benefit-related results Mrs. Igetboredeasily can get if she decides to work with us.
We dealt with our audience the RIGHT WAY.
Showed value.
Provided benefits (People care about).
That’s what having great presentation skills means.
Entering inside the head of your audience, offering them what they want. And getting results (in this case, more clients for your business).

4. If your presentation skills are missing the mark, nobody will tell you

Imagine you’re about to go on a date.
You don’t know it, but there’s a piece of salad stuck in your teeth, and even though everyone sees it, nobody tells you about it!
poor presentation skills
The same thing happens with your presentations. If you suck at presenting, put people to sleep, bore your clients or lose business because of it, no one will tell you !

5. Benefits of presentation skills: you get noticed

Let’s be honest here:
Most people suck at presenting.
The good news is that this is a HUGE opportunity for you to get ahead of the pack, almost effortlessly, whether you’re presenting to your boss, colleagues or prospective clients.
Because unlike them, every time you make a presentation:
You get your message across.
You bring value to the table (people end up leaving the meeting room seeing what you can do for them, having learnt something, knowing stuff that helps them to take a decision and so on…)
People LISTEN to you.
You’ve got the eyeballs of people that matter.

High impact presentation skills 

Now that you know WHY presentation skills are crucial for your success, it’s time for you to steal my best strategies for developing and delivering effective slide decks, fast.

Smokey presentation skills

Hope you liked and learnt !


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