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Boom! 13 Backgrounds For PowerPoint You Can Use Right Now

Consider this:
The vast majority of people are bad – uh, what did I say, terrible – at designing PowerPoint presentations.
And because they don’t know how to put together slides that look great, they’re looking dumb (and unprepared) in front of their audience.
Today my friend, I’m offering you some simple, professional PowerPoint backgrounds to help you:
  • Convey professionalism & credibility
  • Deliver a powerful deck that stands out

Here’s a quick taste of your free backgrounds for PowerPoint:

backgrounds for powerpoint

These presentation backgrounds are made of shapes filled with gradient color matches.
Like that:
PowerPoint slide backgrounds
Each of them is customizable.
A 100%.
You can change the colors, modify the transparency or the shapes.

But you might think…

How do I apply these PowerPoint presentation designs backgrounds to my slides?

You didn’t think I was going to run away without giving your specific examples of how you can use them…
That’d be like…
chips without salsa
 good meat without fries
a roll without lobster
… and if you’re like me, you know that JUST CAN’T HAPPEN.

Here’s how you use these PowerPoint presentation designs:


  • Table of content

PowerPoint slide backgrounds
  • Cover slide

backgrounds for powerpoint
  • Information visualization

backgrounds for powerpoint
  • Quote, customer testimonial, data point

backgrounds for powerpoint
To customize the text style, select your text, click right, “format text effects” and do as below:
backgrounds for powerpoint


  • Use these backgrounds with little text on the slide (learn how to summarize here.)
  • Chose colors wisely: you want to use color combinations that fit with your company’s culture.
    If you’re wondering which colors match well together, check out Adobe Kuler awesome color wheel.
    Check out this post to learn the 3 bottom-line rules to apply when building slide decks
  • If you’re starting off with presentations, make sure to check out this infographic (you’ll learn what toke me years to learn… in just 10 minutes).
  • If you want more templates for your presentations, then you’re gonna love these freebies:
    PowerPoint shapes
    SWOT template
    Professional template (great for all your business presentations)
    Cover slides
  • If you want to accelerate your learning, head over here.


Click here to download these backgrounds.

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